All that Every Person with Dentures Need to Know

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All that Every Person with Dentures Need to Know

Dentures have always been the most common and economical alternative in cosmetic dentistry. This is one of the best ways to substitute missing teeth, either wholly or partially. It can help restore your teeth in a whole new way, helpful for those whose teeth are lost due to any dental diseases, old age, or unfortunate accidents.

Whether you opt for partial or full dentures, you need to put in great effort and care to maximize your dentures’ longevity.

Here are few tips every person with dentures needs to know and follow:

Selecting the Right Kind of Denture

There are different dentures in restorative dentistry depending on the number of teeth to be replaced and the desired result.

The basic types are complete and partial dentures. In complete dentures, all your teeth are removed and replaced. While, in partial dentures, only a few teeth are replaced.

Another classification is pre-made and custom-fit dentures. Pre-made dentures are readily available dentures used for immediate fixes, whereas custom-fit dentures are custom-made for the patient. It takes longer to get it done but is more comfortable and unnoticeable than the pre-made.

Denture Hygiene is Important

As these are artificial teeth, it doesn’t mean your brushing days are over. Just as you care for your real teeth, you need to brush at least twice a day or after every meal with a special denture-friendly toothbrush to maintain healthy and good-looking dentures. This is especially important to protect your gums and prevent further recession.

Protecting Dentures from Staining

You need to be more careful with consuming the right kind of food to prevent it from staining. Try avoiding food such as red wine, tea, coffee, or food with artificial colorants. If the stains make you feel embarrassed to smile publicly, consider consulting your dentist for a whitening option.

Dentures Might Require Repairs

In any case of damage to dentures like chip, stain, or breakage, never try to fix it by yourself as it may turn into a really expensive and complex problem. In any such situation, always go for expert medical supervision or consultation.

Denture Aftercare is Crucial

Always practice removing your dentures before sleep or when not in use. It is necessary to remove it every night to prevent damage to your gums, severe bad breath, or any other kind of infection occurring due to prolonged use. Whenever taken off, keep them soaked in water to keep them lubricated and damage-free.

Denture usage needs practice. Initially, it might feel like an alien in your mouth, causing soreness, more excretion of saliva, and difficulty in pronunciation of certain words. This is because the muscle of your jaw, cheeks, and even tongue need time to get adjusted.

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