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We Have Made Updates To Keep You Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic. Click Here To Learn More About Our Protocols

Emergency Dentistry

Fix your broken tooth, get relieved from pain today

Do you have a dental emergency, like pain, broken or chipped teeth, or failed restorations? Call us. We are here to help! 

Emergency Dentistry

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Emergency Dentistry 

Oral injuries due to external trauma are quite common, especially among athletes and sportspersons. They can come out of nowhere and put the person in shock and severe pain. Most of us would panic in such situations without knowing what to do or whom to seek assistance from. In such situations, the pain would continue to increase, and if there is an open wound, patients end up losing a lot of blood.
We would never want anyone to go through such painful experiences. Hence, if you happen to have a dental emergency, reach out to us at the earliest, and we would ensure the injury is treated as soon as possible.

Common Dental Emergencies 

Broken teeth: External trauma to the mouth could lead to cracked, chipped, or completely broken teeth. Such conditions can be very painful and lead to possible infections if left untreated. They could also cause severe pain and bleeding right after the injury, which can put you in a state of shock. We suggest reaching out to your dentist at the earliest to get the condition diagnosed and treated. Meanwhile, consider rinsing your mouth with water to get rid of the blood, broken pieces of tooth, and microbes. You may also place a piece of gauze near the tooth to control the bleeding and a cold pack on the cheek to reduce pain and swelling.

Injured soft tissues: A bruised or bitten lip, cuts on the soft inner lining of the mouth, etc., can cause a lot of pain and bleeding. A minor injury may heal by itself with time. But, if the wound is profound, it is best to get it diagnosed and treated by a dentist to avoid the risk of developing infections.

Avulsed teeth: An avulsed tooth can cause excruciating pain and profuse bleeding, as the blood vessels and nerves would be disturbed. Teeth that are completely uprooted from the socket can be put back in the mouth if you reach the dentist soon, preferably within an hour of the incident. If you find the tooth, please rinse it with water holding the crown only. Bring it along to the dentist’s practice keeping it in a glass of milk. Do not try to place it back yourself, as it could lead to unnecessary complications.

Failed restorations: Ceramic restorations could loosen, crack, or fall off if they aren’t done correctly or have been on the teeth for many years. The underlying tooth structure would be exposed to the microbes in the mouth due to this, which can lead to extreme sensitivity and infections. Hence, reach your dentist at the earliest to get the restoration replaced with a new one.


Please reach us by scheduling an online consultation or calling us at (408) 371-1070, and we’ll guide you further.

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