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Denture Relines in Los Gatos, CA

Have you been using dentures for a long time now? That’s great! Dentures are known to be the best solution to replace a large number of missing teeth, as opposed to dental implants or bridges. They are removable, mimic the appearance of the natural teeth perfectly, and allow you to bite and chew food as you used to with your natural teeth. As amazing as they are with restoring oral aesthetics and functionality, they tend to wear over the years as you use them. You may feel a change in fit or slight discomfort when you put them on. If this is the case with your dentures, you need to have them relined.

What Are Denture Relines?

The underside of dentures is lined with a special material so that they can rest comfortably against the gums. They may wear off as the denture’s age. Due to this, the gums may feel irritated and bruised, thereby making the dentures ill-fitting and uncomfortable. The relining of dentures can be done in a dental practice or at a dental laboratory. The process is fairly simple and wouldn’t take much time.

What Are The Types Of Relining?

Relines can be categorized as soft and hard, based on their consistency. Soft relines are preferred by patients who are new to dentures. During this stage, the bone resorption could still be in progress, and the gums could be too sensitive to the weight of the dentures. A liquid polymer is used for a soft relining process, and it can be done in a dental practice.

A hard relining is one with a material that is just as hard as the acrylic used for the denture base. It doesn’t require too many follow-up visits or frequent modifications as the reline lasts for several years. It is mostly done at a dental practice as the process could be a delicate one.

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