Partial Dentures

Replacing few missing teeth?

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Partial Dentures in Los Gatos, CA

Partial dentures are a type of dentures that are used to replace only a few particular teeth that are missing. Let’s assume a patient has 10 of his 32 teeth removed due to external oral trauma. In this case, restoring the missing teeth using dental implants or bridges wouldn’t be the appropriate solution as it could become complicated. Instead, we suggest the patient get partial dentures to restore just the particular missing teeth.

How Are Partial Dentures Fabricated?

Partial dentures are fabricated through a process similar to that of complete dentures. During the initial appointment, we will visually screen the teeth and conduct a few tests to determine the condition of the mouth. Next, if any teeth have to be removed (in case of partially chipped or broken teeth), we will have them extracted.

A highly precise digital mold of the oral setup will be taken to serve as a reference to fabricate the dentures. In the case of partial dentures, we use a combination of ceramic and acrylic mounted on a metal framework. This helps us include just a few required prosthetic teeth in the denture set up. You can wear the denture comfortably, and the prosthetic teeth would perfectly get placed in the missing positions.

Why Should You Choose Partial Dentures?

  • Partial dentures are the simplest and most effective way to restore multiple missing teeth.
  • They are removable.
  • They restore your natural ability to bite and chew food.
  • In case the phonetics has changed due to the missing teeth, it can be brought back to normal using partial dentures.
  • Since a metal framework backs them, they are quite strong and durable.
  • They improve the appearance of your smile.

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