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Dental Sealants in Los Gatos, CA

Cavities are the most common oral condition that is caused due to the microbes in the mouth. The bacteria release harmful acids while feeding on the food debris in the mouth. These acids can erode the enamel and decay the tissues of the teeth.

Many patients have cavities in the occlusal grooves – the grooves on the upper face of the molars and premolars. Though they look only as wide as a crack, they can contain thousands of microbes. Over time, they decay the tissues and cause deep cavities that can even reach the root canal of a tooth. This could put the tooth at risk of being extracted.

What Is The Solution?

The best way to keep microbes off the occlusal grooves is by using dental sealants. They are made from acrylic or composite resinous material. The dentist will clean the grooves to remove the microbes and food debris that have been deposited in them. The tooth will be etched using an etching solution so that the sealant can adhere to its rough surface. Multiple layers of sealant will be applied to the grooves so that they are completely covered. This prevents any microbes from entering the grooves, thereby almost eliminating the chances of having cavities.

What Are The Advantages Of Sealants?

  • Sealants are highly durable.
  • They can be customized to match the appearance of the teeth.
  • They have excellent sealing properties.
  • Sealants last for many years together without hassle.

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