Invisalign vs DIY Aligners

Should you choose DIY aligners like Smile Direct Club, Candid or Byte?

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Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club - Choosing the Best Aligner for You in South Bay Area, California

If you search the internet for clear aligners, you will find several companies offering treatment with their aligners. You will also find manufacturers who offer DIY clear aligner treatment without the need for a dentist’s consultation and supervision – at much less cost than professional aligner treatment by a dentist. While the idea of DIY clear aligners may seem much more convenient and cost-effective, is it really worthwhile in the long run? Is DIY aligner treatment safe for your oral health? What do you think about Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club, Byte or Candid?

Here we will discuss everything you need to know about DIY aligners, and why it is essential to visit an experienced dentist for your orthodontic needs.

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What are DIY Clear Aligners?

DIY aligners are similar in design to the doctor-directed aligners – and perform the same function – to move and realign teeth. However, there is a significant difference between how the doctor-directed and DIY aligners work.


Most DIY aligner companies like Smile Direct Club, Byte, and Candid ask you to send a picture of your teeth and x-ray images or impressions in some cases. Based on that information, the aligner company will design a series of aligners to realign your teeth. However, these aligners are not designed or fabricated under the supervision of a dentist or orthodontist.

Apparently, it seems easier to use these DIY aligners, as you will get them in the mail, and you can continue to wear them without ever visiting a dentist physically. But such types of DIY aligners do more harm than good. Continue reading to find out.

The Dangers of DIY Clear Aligners

  • No Checkups! – once you get your DIY aligners in the mail, your treatment will not be supervised by any dentist or board-certified orthodontist. This means that if anything were to go wrong with your treatment – or if your DIY aligners were not working at all – there would be no professional supervision to diagnose the problem!
  • Do More Harm than Goodtooth alignment using clear aligners is an intricate and exacting task, which requires years of experience and constant monitoring. Many DIY clear aligner companies claim to align your teeth in an unbelievably short amount of time. Unfortunately, they do this by increasing the force on your teeth, which, in turn, can cause various complications like periodontal issues, root resorption, root decay, and even tooth loss! Therefore, it is always advisable to get your teeth aligned by a qualified and experienced clear aligner dentist.
  • Inferior Quality Material – to cut their costs, DIY aligner companies use lower quality aligner materials that fail to move the teeth as desired. As a result, these aligners wear out quickly and may take longer to correct your orthodontic problem.
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Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club Online Reviews

To have a better understanding of the results and experiences from previous patients, we recommend checking online reviews from independent sources, for example BBB or reddit. We selected three sources here for you:

DIY aligners may be more cost-effective than doctor-directed aligners, but they offer only short-term results, and in most cases – they don’t work at all! All these DIY aligner manufacturers want from you is your money! So, the wise choice would be to visit an experienced dentist for your treatment. If you are looking for a reliable orthodontic practice in Bay Area, Dr. Mahsa Esfandiari’s dental office should be your first choice. We offer high-quality general dentistry and orthodontic services under one roof. So, book an appointment today, and let us give you a perfect and charming smile.

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