Medicare for Dental Care

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Medicare For Dental Care
Medicare for Dental Care
  • Can I Use My Medicare for Bone Grafting and Implants?
  • Do you have any loose, infected, or painful teeth, and you’re wondering what MediCare can do for you?  
  • Did you know that MediCare can cover up to 100% of your surgical costs, including bone grafting and dental implants?  
  • If you have MediCare Part B, and it’s not an HMO, you may benefit from this tremendous service!
  • The procedures must be deemed medically necessary
  • Only some specific tooth and bone infections are covered for treatment by Medicare.
  • Only a Medicare certified surgeon can perform the procedure
  • Only 1% of Dentists in the US are certified by Medicare, and we are one of them!
  • You are in luck! Come in for your free evaluation to find if your condition is covered.

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