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Boost Teeth Whitening & Zoom Teeth Whitening in Los Gatos, CA

At Dr. Mahsa Esfandiari Dental Group, we want to help you achieve a new smile you’ll be proud of. We offer various cosmetic treatments focused solely on the appearance of your teeth and mouth, including teeth whitening solutions.

Teeth whitening procedures are suggested to patients who have dull or discolored teeth. After getting their teeth whitened, patients express a higher level of confidence and feel more comfortable letting out an open-hearted smile. At our dental practice, we use a highly advanced teeth whitening solutions, including Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening and  Zoom Whitening.

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Professional Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening Promotion

What Are the Common Causes of Teeth Discoloration?

Zoom Whitening
Tooth discoloration is a highly common dental issue. It occurs when the color of your teeth changes or your teeth look less bright or white than they should. You may notice your tooth color has darkened or developed white or dark spots in places. This issue can happen for several reasons:
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco.
  • Improper or irregular brushing and flossing of the teeth.
  • Consuming certain medications can have an adverse effect on the color of the teeth.
  • Excessive consumption of colored foods and beverages.
  • Natural result of aging.

What Is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom whitening is a newly developed and highly popular means of lightening or even removing the stains and discoloration from tooth enamel. This simple, non-invasive bleaching process uses a whitening gel that contains 25% Hydrogen Peroxide. The dentist combines this photosensitive whitening gel with a special lamp, referred to as a Zoom light, that accelerates the bleaching process.

Once the gel is activated with the help of the right intensity light, the hydrogen peroxide breaks down. This process allows oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, bleaching the stained surfaces. This technique provides excellent results that often last for a long time, including brighter, whiter teeth and a return of your teeth’s natural luster.

The Zoom in-office tooth whitening procedure takes very little time to work and is an effective option for many patients struggling with teeth discoloration.

Zoom Whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatment Procedure

Teeth Whitening

When you visit our practice to get your teeth whitened, the dentist will thoroughly diagnose your mouth to check for various conditions that could affect the treatment. Some of them are the presence of cavities, receding of gums, presence of ceramic tooth restorations on the teeth, etc. They determine your candidacy for Zoom whitening.

The process of whitening the teeth using Zoom will take approximately one hour. In some instances, when there are tartar deposits on the teeth, the dentist will have to remove them before starting the treatment. The dentist places a rubber dam in your mouth to cover the gums and lips, thereby exposing only the teeth. The gel will be applied on the teeth, spread evenly, and activated using the Zoom light.

The gel must remain on the teeth for 15 minutes. Once it is activated, oxygen molecules will be liberated, forming a foam. These molecules enter the porous structure of the teeth and bleach the stained structure. The gel will be rinsed off, and the procedure will be repeated to get superior whitening. After this, a Fluoride paste-gel will be applied on the teeth to reduce sensitivity.

What to Expect After Getting Zoom Whitening

Once your Zoom whitening treatment is complete, our dental team will provide you with instructions to ensure a long-lasting, bright, and healthy smile. You will also be given a Zoom touch-up kit for home use, including custom-fitted whitening trays. The bleaching gel provided with your kit could last from a few days to a week, and you should use all of it.

After the Zoom whitening procedure, you may experience the following:

  • Temporary spotting: This issue is caused by dehydration and should dissipate within a few days.
  • Sensitivity: Teeth sensitivity or mild discomfort is a normal side effect of the Zoom process and should subside within 24 hours.

The actual whitening process continues for another 48 hours after treatment. It’s essential to be extra vigilant in following your dentist’s instructions during that time frame to enhance and maximize your whitening results. That includes avoiding certain foods or beverages that could stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, red wine, berries, cola, and red sauces. If you use PerioRx or any Chlorhexidine, you will also want to wait 48 hours before continuing usage.

You should also avoid tobacco for at least 48 hours. However, because these products continue to stain your teeth even after a whitening treatment, you may want to quit using them to ensure your smile remains bright and white.

The results from Zoom whitening can last anywhere from one to four years. Taking extra care with your dental hygiene and using toothpaste containing whitening agents may help maintain your whiter smile.

Learn More About Zoom Whitening in Los Gatos

If you are ready to have the brighter, whiter smile you’ve always wanted, it’s time to reach out to the team at Dr. Mahsa Esfandiari Dental Group. We offer numerous cosmetic dental treatments, including Zoom teeth whitening, and will be happy to answer any questions you have about the cost of teeth whitening or the actual procedure.

Our experienced and highly rated dentists proudly serve patients throughout the South Bay Area. Please schedule an appointment online or call us at (408) 371-1070 to have a consultation with any of our Los Gatos Dental Group dentists, and we will be happy to help!

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