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Invisalign Promotion

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Best Invisalign Promotional Deal - 40% Invisalign Discount

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Our office is conveniently located near CampbellSan JoseSaratogaSanta Clara and Nearby South Bay Area Communities. Call to book your free Invisalign consultation and a complimentary digital scan with the best dentist near you.

As low as $99 per month with approved financing.

Invisalign Discount

Your Treatment Fee Covers

  • All Aligners (No Limit)
  • Refinement
  • All Appointments
  • Photos
  • Scans / Impressions
  • Teeth Whitening

* X-rays: If needed, there might be an extra fee (at a discounted rate), or depending on your insurance.

We ensure transparency from the start. Complex cases come with no extra charges.

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We are proud to be one of the most reviewed and highly rated dental offices in the area. Our office is a friendly and welcoming environment, and we do everything that we can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Invisalign is one of the best investments you are making towards your health and wellness. We believe, at this price, we’re offering the best value for Invisalign in the Bay Area. Some offices might lure you in with attractive initial prices for 10 or 5 aligner treatments which are very uncommon, only to add on extra fees later. We ensure transparency from the start and don’t put any limit on number of aligners. You receive comprehensive care for your smile at one straightforward, unbeatable price.

However, we recommend you do your research both on the value and the experience and reputation of the dentist you are planning to work with.

How Much is my Out of Pocket Cost?

Invisalign Cost

If You don’t have Ortho Insurance Coverage:

  • We are running a promotional discount this month for our patients with no Ortho Insurance coverage
  • Get our best promotion of the year with a saving of $2,750 off!

With Ortho Insurance Coverage:

  • Several dental insurances offer Ortho coverage which can be used towrads your invisalign treatment.
  • They usually cover 50% to 90% off their contracted fee with our office.
  • Your out of pocket investment could sometimes be as low as $1,350, and you can pay it with your FSA or HSA account.

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