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Rebase and Repairs in Los Gatos, CA

Dentures offer excellent functionality and aesthetics. With proper care, they are known to last for several years. But, dentures may tend to wear when they have been used for a long time, which can alter their fit and seem uncomfortable in the mouth. Sometimes, they may even crack or fracture when you accidentally drop them on a hard surface. Hence, rebasing and repairing the dentures becomes essential in restoring them to their ideal condition.

What Is Rebasing?

Sometimes, the prosthetic teeth of the denture could be in good shape, but the acrylic denture base holding them could have warped in shape or severely worn out. In such cases, there is no need to replace the entire dentures, which could be quite expensive. Instead, the acrylic base can be entirely or partially replaced with new material while keeping the prosthetic teeth as is. This is a comparatively, quite inexpensive procedure. Rebasing can also be done when the dentures crack or fracture.

Denture Repairs

Repairing dentures is a delicate process. The most common types of denture damage are cracks, fractures, loosened teeth, broken teeth, etc. The soft inner lining of the dentures that come in contact with the gums could also wear off with regular usage, which will require relining. Depending on the severity of the damage, the repairs can be completed in a single day or may require a few days until it looks new.

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