Pediatric Dentistry

Maintain your kids dental health by regular exams

We ensure a positive and happy experience when your children visit our Los Gatos Kid’s Dentist, taking care of their oral health.

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Pediatric Dentistry in Los Gatos, CA

Watching your child smile is a great sight, but ensuring optimum oral health is easier said than done. Children’s teeth require a lot of care and attention. Their eating habits, teeth growth patterns, oral hygiene, and heredity play a significant role in how good their oral health would be. Hence, all these factors require regular attention from a professional pediatric dentist who understands your child’s needs and tends to them in the right way.

At our dental practice, we have trained professionals who treat children in a friendly and compassionate way. We believe that building a relationship with the child and gaining their trust is key to rendering great oral care. This is why ours is one of the most sought-after dental practices in Los Gatos, CA.

Entrust Your Child’s Oral Care To Us

We treat children belonging to all age groups, right from infancy to teenage. The benefit of choosing a well-experienced pediatric dentist is that he/she can maintain a well-updated record of your child’s oral health. This helps us understand your child’s development better and determine the best treatment method to counter their condition. We have treated hundreds of children in the past and made sure every single child’s dental needs are met.

Treatments Offered

Filling cavities: Cavities are common among children of all ages. The leading causes of cavities are excessive consumption of sugary foods and improper oral hygiene. This can erode the enamel and cause the tissues to decay. During the treatment, we will remove the tartar deposits on the teeth and disinfect the cavity, apply a tooth-colored filling material to seal it, and restore the tooth’s natural appearance by polishing it.

Orthodontic solutions: Malocclusion occurs due to faulty habits such as thumb sucking, jaw-clenching, grinding the teeth, or due to heredity. Crooked teeth ruin the aesthetics of the smile massively and, if left untreated, can change the shape of the jaws. We will provide customized orthodontic appliances such as braces or clear aligners to treat your child’s misaligned teeth.

Fluoride treatment and sealants: Fluoride treatment helps to restore the amount of fluoride in the teeth, thereby improving the teeth’s immunity to cavities. Sealants are applied to the molars and premolars to prevent the microbes from causing cavities.

Along with the above-stated treatment procedures, we will regularly monitor your child’s oral set-up and make sure they don’t develop any cavities or infections. Also, we would suggest and teach parents about monitoring their child’s oral hygiene.

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