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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist in Los Gatos CA - Dr. Mahsa Esfandiari

Aesthetic dental services can help restore your smile and give you your confidence back. As a cosmetic dentist in Los Gatos CA, Dr. Mahsa Esfandiari stays ahead of the latest trends, techniques, materials, and technology in order to deliver innovative treatment that is effective, natural-looking, and long-lasting. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with our patients in mind, and we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures. Whether you’re looking for teeth whitening, invisalign, veneers, or implants, we can help you achieve your desired results. We understand that everyone’s smile is unique, and we take the time to get to know each of our patients so that we can create a personalized treatment plan.

Our office is conveniently located near CampbellSan JoseSaratogaSanta Clara and Nearby South Bay Area Communities. For compassionate and professional care from a cosmetic dentist who cares about your results, contact our office today.

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We are proud to be one of the most reviewed and highly rated dental offices in the area. Our office is a friendly and welcoming environment, and we do everything that we can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Ready to Start Your Smile Makeover?

Our Los Gatos Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Mahsa Esfandiari, is proud to offer cosmetic dentistry services for the whole family. No matter how you’d like to change your smile, you can always expect us to deliver honest and ethical diagnosis and treatment planning to help you achieve your goals. 

As a patient-centric practice, we help make cosmetic dentistry costs affordable. We accept numerous insurances and offer in-house discount plans for patients without dental insurance coverage. 

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, we encourage you to stop by for a free/complimentary consultation so you can learn more about what we offer and how we can help you. To set up your consultation, fill out our online contact form or call our office and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Featured Cosmetic Services

We offer a wide range of Cosmetic Dentistry services to suit every dental need you may have.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of smile enhancement or makeover. Unlike other forms of dentistry, such as preventive or restorative, it is not required to maintain oral health. 

Instead, cosmetic dentistry focuses solely on the appearance of your teeth and smile. Maybe you have some discoloration or staining you’d like to have removed. Perhaps some of your teeth have become worn or chipped, or you have a few gaps you’d like to close between your teeth. 

No matter what you’d like to change, Los Gatos cosmetic dental treatments and procedures can help you achieve a new smile you’ll be proud of. 

Complimentary Consultation

Complimentary Consultation

Looking For Dental Implants, Invisalign Or Smile Makeovers?

Los Gatos Cosmetic Dentist

When it comes to finding the best cosmetic dentist in Los Gatos CA, you need to consider many factors. First, you want to make sure that the dentist is experienced and has a good track record. Second, you’ll want to find out what type of procedures they offer and whether or not they specialize in the type of treatment you’re looking for. And finally, you’ll also want to make sure that the dentist’s office is clean, comfortable, and convenient for you. With so many great options available, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than the best. So take your time, do your research, and find the perfect cosmetic dentist in Los Gatos CA for your needs.

Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Depending on what you’d like to achieve, cosmetic dentistry can involve one or multiple treatments and procedures. To start, you can expect your dentist to first examine your mouth to ensure any cosmetic issues are not actually resulting from an underlying dental disease. 

If they are not, you’ll have several different options for improving your smile’s appearance. Without a doubt, one of the most common options is teeth whitening. By applying a whitening gel, your dentist can improve the look of dull and discolored teeth. For chipped, cracked, or decayed teeth, you can choose from options like bonding, dental crowns, or veneers

At Dr. Mahsa Esfandiari Dental Group, Los Gatos, our team of cosmetic dentists will work alongside you to understand what you don’t like about your smile and what you want to change about it.

Our cosmetic dentistry options include: 

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Los Gatos CA

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Once your cosmetic dentistry procedures are complete, you can enjoy the smile you have always dreamed of. You’ll experience a boost of confidence and self-esteem now that you finally have a smile you are proud to show off. You might even find that these benefits extend to your social and professional life as well. 

Along with the aesthetic benefits of a beautiful new smile, many of these cosmetic dental treatments and procedures can also help strengthen your teeth, improve your bite, and enhance your overall oral health. That’s because clean teeth and gums help ward off plaque and tartar, which in turn prevents cavities and gum disease.

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