Dental Implants

The best replacement for natural teeth

Your teeth cannot be saved or are already missing? Dental implants are the the best modern permamnet solution to missing teeth.

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Dental Implants in Los Gatos, CA

Dental implants are known to be the best replacement for natural teeth. They are fixed to the human jawbone in place of the missing tooth, thereby restoring the aesthetics as well as oral functionality. Implants are highly preferred owing to their superior strength and the various advantages they have over their alternatives, such as dentures and dental bridges.


If your tooth cannot be saved and requires extraction, or if you already have missing teeth, we invite you to schedule your appointment at Dr. Mahsa Esfandiari Dental Group. We offer a variety of restorative options and can determine if dental implants are the right solution for your unique needs. 

What Is A Dental Implant?

Implants go beyond traditional bridges or dentures to seamlessly replicate the look and function of your natural teeth. For over 50 years, dental implants have been used to provide an effective restoration that helps maintain your smile’s aesthetic beauty. Many patients even forget they have dental implants, making them well worth the cost compared to other solutions.


An implant comprises two main components, namely a Titanium stud and a prosthetic tooth crown made from dental-grade ceramic. They are held together by a connecting element called the abutment and dental adhesives. The metal stud has screw-like grooves on its surface, which help it grip the jawbone and stay firmly in position.


When Should You Consider an Implant?

Missing teeth can seriously impact your self-confidence. These gaps in your smile can also affect the way you chew and speak, as well as your overall oral health. Teeth play an important role in chewing food, but they also provide stability and structure to your jawline and mouth. Even a single missing tooth can cause the jawbone to gradually lose mass and impact the look of your jaw. The teeth surrounding a gap can also begin shifting and cause other issues, such as altered bite. 


Dental implants are a popular and practical dentistry solution for patients who struggle with tooth loss, failing teeth or chronic dental problems. The restoration can be used to correct a variety of injuries or situations, including:


  • Severe tooth decay
  • Trauma, such as from a fall or injury that results in tooth loss
  • Jawbone deterioration
  • Speech impediment
  • Replacement for dentures or a bridge
  • Discomfort or deterioration to the jawbone caused by a fixed bridge

Why Should You Choose Dental Implants?

While dentures or a bridge may be a better option for some patients, implants offer a more permanent solution. These restorations are designed to mimic the look, feel and function of your natural teeth and offer many benefits:


  • Implants offer excellent stability as they are implanted into the jawbone.
  • Implants last for several years together without hassle, provided you take good care of them and avoid chewing hard objects, tearing open plastic bags, etc.
  • The ceramic crown of the dental implant is resistant to staining.
  • You can bite and chew food as you always used to with an implant in place.
  • You can restore your speech to normal.
  • Implants prevent jawbone deterioration as the screw-like grooves hold the jawbone intact.
  • They prevent the drifting of teeth as they fill the entire gap left by a missing tooth.

Implantation Procedure

Getting an implant will require multiple visits to the dentist’s practice over a few months. During the initial consultation, the dentist will check your candidacy for implants by conducting a few tests. Factors such as jawbone health, size, placement available, gum health, etc. will be reviewed. Only if you satisfy all the conditions will you be able to qualify for the restoration.


A highly precise digital scan will be taken along with an x-ray. They will be used as a reference for fabricating the implant crown. Local anesthesia will be administered, and a small hole will be made on the jawbone in place of the missing tooth. The implant will be inserted in it and secured firmly using dental cement. A suitable healing time of a few months will be suggested during which the implant will adhere well to the bone structure.


During the next appointment, the dentist will place the abutment on the implant and attach the crown to it. This is done using dental adhesives. The fit and comfort of the tooth will be gauged using a bite test, after which any fine adjustments if required, will be made. The implant will be polished so that it matches the appearance of the adjoining teeth.

Learn More About Tooth Implants in Los Gatos

Losing even a single tooth can be a distressing experience. Whether you’ve had a tooth extracted or you require full mouth dental implants, the team at Dr. Mahsa Esfandiari Dental Group is here for you. We want to walk you through your restoration options to find a solution that works for you and preserves the health of your smile. We offer complimentary consultations where we can walk you through the process and discuss the cost of dental implant placement at our Los Gatos office. 


Contact us today to learn more about dental implants and whether this permanent and effective solution for missing teeth is right for you. 


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